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POSCO INTERNATIONAL’s Promotional Video Wins Honors Award at the Mercury Awards in the U.S.


Won an award in the Corporate Identity category at one of the world’s top three public relations awards

Introduced the company’s efforts to create a sustainable future by protecting nature under the theme of ‘With Nature, Make Future’

POSCO INTERNATIONAL (Vice-chairman Jeong Tak) submitted a promotional video to the Mercury Awards, one of the world’s top three public relations contests, in the United States and became the sole winner of the Honors Award in the Video – Corporate Identity category.

Now in its 38th year, the Mercury Awards is one of the major awards for corporate communications, which is hosted by MerComm, a leading marketing communications organization. Every year, promotional materials submitted from around the world are judged based on originality, message delivery, and design to select the winners.

POSCO INTERNATIONAL’s promotional video, “With Nature, Make Future,” tells the corporate story of the company’s transformation into an eco-friendly integrated corporation following its successful merger with POSCO Energy last year.

The video, with a total running time of 5 minutes and 23 seconds, shows scenes of POSCO INTERNATIONAL’s domestic and overseas business sites that are conducting sustainable business with nature around the world under the theme of ‘being together with the nature rather than merely protecting it and creating the future rather than merely waiting for it.’

In particular, the video emphasizes POSCO INTERNATIONAL’s indomitable spirit of challenge by showing the onshore gas field located in the middle of the vast Australian desert, the Gwangyang LNG terminal in harmony with nature, the Sinan wind farm, and the solar farm.

This video was made in collaboration with the renowned YouTuber and drone expert ‘YeomPD,’ adding a sense of speed and excitement to the footage.

Prior to this, the company won the best corporate video at the Korea PR Awards in December last year.

“We made sure that our efforts to transform into an eco-friendly integrated corporation were well reflected in the video,” a POSCO INTERNATIONAL official said. “We will build a stronger company by constantly communicating with our stakeholders through those promotional materials that the public can relate to.”

POSCO INTERNATIONAL’s promotional video “With Nature, Make Future” is available on POSCO INTERNATIONAL’s website and official YouTube channel, ‘PointerTV.’

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