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POSCO-ICPC named “Supplier of the Year” by global automobile parts manufacturer Schaeffler India


It received the highest ratings in nine categories, including quality, delivery, and cost… and was recognized as a strategic key supplier

POSCO-ICPC was named “Supplier of the Year” at the Supplier Day 2024 event held by Schaeffler India in Maharashtra, India, on April 18.

Schaeffler India, a global automobile parts manufacturer, holds the Supplier Day event every two years to share its main performance and mid- to long-term strategies with key suppliers and award outstanding suppliers by evaluating them in nine categories, including quality, delivery, cost, innovation, and sustainability.

POSCO-ICPC received the highest ratings in all categories at the event, which was attended by more than 200 suppliers, and was recognized as a strategic key supplier of Schaeffler India.

POSCO-ICPC plans to expand sales of its products, such as PO materials for automobile clutches, to 30% of Schaeffler India’s use based on its processing and logistics systems. Moreover, it is proactively carrying out Greenate material certification and NO material application for electric vehicle parts in step with the heavy equipment eco-friendly policy.

POSCO-ICPC Head Jang-woong Kang said, “POSCO-ICPC is a key strategic supplier to Schaeffler India and is making every effort to manage quality, processing, and delivery. In particular, by supplying good quality products, we plan to contribute to the early stabilization of the new automobile transmission parts factory that Schaeffler India plans to build in Tamil Nadu, India. Let us continue to further strengthen our cooperative relationship for mutual growth.”

Chief Operating Officer Andreas Schick from Schaeffler’s head office said, “We appreciate POSCO-ICPC for providing excellent products in a timely and stable manner based on continuous business innovation. With cooperation based on trust, we ask that you continue to actively support Schaeffler’s new projects.”

▲POSCO-ICPC was named Supplier of the Year at Schaeffler India’s Supplier Day 2024 event held in Pune, Maharashtra, India on April 18. POSCO-ICPC Head Jang-woong Kang, fifth from the left, attended the event.

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