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POSCO Hosts Technology Exhibition in China


POSCO held a technology exhibition September 23 at the First Automobile Works (FAW Group) Research and Development Center located in Changchun, China the largest automotive market in the world.

This is POSCO’S fourth event of this kind, with past technology exhibitions including Guangqi Toyota, Guangqi Honda and Dongfeng Nissan. It was attended by 1,027 participants including personnel from the FAW Group’s purchase, production and R&D departments and employees of Chinese auto parts companies.

Headquartered in Jilin Province in Changchun City, the FAW Group is known as one of the top three Chinese state-owned carmakers, along with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation and Dongfeng Motor Corporation. POSCO is expanding its technology exhibitions in partnership with major carmakers to solidify technical partnerships by actively promoting its world premium products, technologies and solution development cases to customers. Based on continuous technology exchanges on automotive flats, POSCO and the FAW Group are expanding their relationship to electronic vehicle development areas. Both parties jointly planned and hosted this exhibition and seminar to take another step towards their technical cooperation.

With a concept of “providing customer-tailored exhibitions for the creation of solution marketing results”, it focused on promoting the competitiveness of POSCO’s automotive materials such as auto flats, electrical steel, wire rod and stainless steel. Four auto parts makers which are in a Global Platform Business (GPB) partnership with POSCO, participated in the exhibition, conducted co-marketing and introduced their products and technologies. In particular, employees of POSCO and its local affiliates provided in-depth services tailored to the needs of the numerous visitors.

POSCO also held a technology seminar at the FAW Group’s R&D Center Hall, inviting 276 engineers from design, quality and production and personnel from purchasing. The seminar introduced high-functional products and ultra-high strength steel, explained how to use these products, performance evaluations and presentations and discussions on stainless steel and wire rod products for auto parts.

During the exhibition, executives of both companies discussed execution of joint projects for promotion of solution marketing and the expansion of business areas. Sun Zhi-Yang, an executive from the power generation department of the FAW Group, who attended the discussion said, “I’d like to express my gratitude to POSCO for holding this technology exhibition. I will give active support for creating meaningful results from joint projects regarding new materials and its technologies,” expressing his expectation for technical cooperation.

POSCO plans to hold another technology exhibition in October with Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Ltd in China to present its capability as the world’s best steelmaker.

Tech Exhibition in China

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