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POSCO Group donates 1 million US dollars to restore damage to Türkiye


POSCO Group including local subsidiaries donates for recovery from earthquake damage and emergency relief

Participates in restoration activities such as transportation support necessary for the Korean government’s emergency relief activities

The POSCO Group decided to donate 1 million dollars to the Korean Red Cross for emergency relief for the victims of the earthquake in southeastern Turkey on the 6th.

“The earthquake in Turkey has caused many victims and the cold winter weather in the region is making it difficult to recover. POSCO Group will participate in efforts to speed up the recovery,” POSCO said in a statement.

POSCO Group operates a stainless steel cold-rolled production corporation POSCO ASSAN TST, the manufacturing center POSCO-TNPC, and the POSCO International Istanbul branch in Turkey. The three facilities are located far from the epicenter of the disaster and remain unaffected. However, relatives of some local workers have been affected, granting special leave and providing relief supplies.

Under the corporate citizenship management philosophy, POSCO Group has donated funds for overseas natural disasters such as the Australian forest fire in 2020, earthquakes and tsunamis in Indonesia in 2018, earthquakes in Mexico in 2017, earthquakes in Nepal in 2015, and earthquakes in Haiti in 2010.

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