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POSCO Fosters Future Experts with 2017 Global Mobility Program


The Global Mobility Program (GMP) is an HR development training program that enables overseas POSCO employees to visit Korea and participate in an extensive training that teaches them about POSCO’s working culture and allows them to gain work experience at POSCO’s headquarters in Korea. Through this program, POSCO seeks to make use of the expertise and technologies specific to each affiliate and for participants to return and share their newly acquired skills with other employees. With GMP, overseas employees also have a chance to develop a network of connections worldwide.

GMP participants pose for a photo at the first training of the year.

POSCO’s overseas employees participate in POSCO’s Global Mobility Program that includes seminars on Solution Marketing, POSTIM, POSCO’s values & culture, and a chance to get hands-on experience at the steelworks.

This year, the training took place from March 6 to 17 with nine employees from the following affiliates:

  • POSCO-CSPC (China)
  • Qingdao Pohang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Zhangjiagang Pohang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. (China)
  • PT.KP (Indonesia)
  • POSCO-Vietnam
  • POSCO-TBPC (Thailand)
  • POSCO-ICPC (India)
  • PT Krakatau POSCO
  • POSCO America

GMP participants just completed their two-week training program last week, which included on-site training and seminars on POSCO’s values, culture, and working systems. For the first week, participants learned about POSCO’s history along with different aspects of Korean language and culture. During the second week, there was a lecture on the work phases of a steel mill and participants visited the steelworks for a fuller understanding of the steel production process.

This year, POSCO made more of an effort to include material that would help participants have a greater understanding of POSCO’s management policies, such as solution marketing and POSTIM.  Additionally, participants were able to share their own unique work experiences and learn more about how POSCO operates around the world.

Participants continued their training, working with different departments. These included the Human Resources & Labor Relations Group of Gwangyang Works, the Plate Rolling Department, the Automotive Flat Products Exports Group, and POSCO Group University.

Through the GMP, POSCO Group University hopes to steadily foster the growth of future management leaders and experts with POSCO’s innovative DNA. The second training will be conducted in June.

The Steel Wire recently sat down with three GMP participants from POSCO China. Read their interview and find out more about the program and how it will impact their work in China


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