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POSCO DX To Commence Trading on the Stock Market from 2024


Securities market trading begins from January 2024… Geared toward enhancing shareholder value

Establishing and reorganizing future growth business organizations such as the Secondary Battery Materials Business Dept., Robot Automation Center, and AI Technology Center

POSCO DX (CEO Jung Duk-kyoon) will begin trading on the stock market upon its opening on January 2.

POSCO DX held an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on October 5 last year and began to proceed with its public listing on the stock market. At the end of last year, the company announced that it completed the review by the Korea Exchange’s stock market headquarters as to its suitability for listing, and that trading of its stock would kick off from the first day of the New Year’s market opening in 2024.

The reason POSCO DX has pursued a move to the stock market was to ultimately maximize shareholder value by repositioning its corporate profile in the capital market as a world-class company leading digital transformation. The market expects that the investor base will expand by improving the supply and demand of institutional investors with its public listing on the securities market, where the transaction volume is relatively large and many blue-chip companies are listed.

POSCO DX has continued its robust growth until the third quarter of last year, achieving cumulative sales of KRW 1.13 trillion and an operating profit of KRW 96.4 billion, an increase of 59% in sales and 95% in operating profit compared to the same period last year. This is the result of increased business opportunities in the field of factory automation, including smart factories and industrial robots, for POSCO Group companies that are kickstarting business expansion into eco-friendly future materials, including secondary batteries.

Through an organizational reorganization at the end of last year, POSCO DX will take full charge of automating the eco-friendly new material business pursued by the group by establishing a secondary battery materials business office and integrating related business organizations. This reorganization is significant for the focus placed on fostering future growth businesses, with the existing Robot Business Implementation Team being expanded and reorganized into a robot automation center and an AI technology center operated separately from the technology research center. Additionally, it is noteworthy that the Energy Business Implementation Team, which pursues energy reduction and management optimization projects, and the Marketing Metaverse Implementation Team, which builds and operates the POSCO marketing metaverse platform specialized in the steel industry and corporate transaction sales, are newly set up and taking shape as main businesses.

POSCO DX is providing overall robot engineering, including consulting, design, system construction and operation, for the rollout of robots at high-risk/high-intensity industrial sites. It has completed automation for the POSCO Gwangyang Steel Works galvanizing process and POSCO Future M cathode material plant kiln Saggar replacement, and implementing unmanned delivery robots (AGV) for logistics automation.

Meanwhile, as a leading pioneer in the smart logistics sector, POSCO DX is successfully carrying out the Hanjin Express Mega Hub Logistics Center construction project worth over KRW 100 billion, while also pursuing the development of the POSCO Group’s integrated logistics platform.

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