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POSCO DX Sets Out to Promote DX Integrating ‘AI+IT+OT’


Undertaking marketing by participating in ‘Smart Factory+Automation World 2024’

Putting the spotlight on smart factories, industrial robot automation, & smart logistics systems

POSCO DX (CEO Jung Duk-kyoon) is participating in ‘Smart Factory+Automation World 2024’ held at the COEX Convention Center in Samseong-dong, Seoul for three days from March 27 to 29 and has launched full-fledged marketing by unveiling a smart factory, industrial robot automation, and smart logistics system that integrates ‘AI+IT+OT’, such as AI, digital twin, and PLC.

‘Smart Factory+Automation World 2024’ is Korea’s largest smart factory and automation exhibition, during which POSCO DX is garnering attention by showcasing to visitors the know-how of implementing smart factories in manufacturing sites such as the steel industry and secondary battery materials, as well as solutions in related fields.

The industrial robot automation sector showcases examples of applications in steel mills and secondary battery material production plants. An industrial AGV (automated guided vehicle) specialized for heavy and chemical industrial sites is exhibited and AGV control system (ACS) is being demonstrated. POSCO DX, which takes charge of robot expansion under the POSCO Group, develops relevant technologies and solutions and delivers overall solutions for robot automation, including consulting, design, construction and operation for field application.

POSCO DX is also promoting the logistics automation system of Hanjin Daejeon Smart Mega Hub, the largest of its kind in South Korea, built earlier this year. Hanjin Daejeon Smart Mega Hub is equipped with a dock capable of loading and unloading 200 vehicles and unloading 80 vehicles concurrently, making it the largest domestic logistics center capable of processing 120,000 items per hour. This greatly improved processing capacity has been made possible by adopting image recognition AI technology.

In addition to ‘PosFrame’, which collects data from manufacturing sites in real time, analyzes big data, and supports optimal control using AI, smart factory system POSCO Group’s smart factory platform that integrates ‘IT+OT’ technologies such as digital twin and PLC, is also being unveiled to visitors.

In particular, we created a model of an unmanned wire crane that integrates AI + IT + OT, such as Vision AI, AI-based optimization and abnormality detection technology, and facility control, and implemented it in the exhibition hall as a virtual factory using a digital twin, for visitors to observe the movement of the crane through VR. This is garnering keen attention by providing them a first-hand and immersive experience.

A POSCO DX official said, “This exhibition presented a good opportunity to confirm market interest in the company’s various solutions, such as industrial robots, logistics automation, AI and digital twins, and to establish the right direction on what technologies and services to provide our customers.” He then continued, “We will devote our efforts to becoming a company that kickstarts the digital transformation at the forefront of the domestic industry in the future.”

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