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POSCO ‘Sings’ Sustainability at 2019 Beautiful Mint Life


l At the two-day eco-themed festival, POSCO ‘steels’ the scene and raises awareness on plastic pollution and sustainability

Last weekend at the Beautiful Mint Life Festival 2019, an annual eco-themed music festival at its tenth year, POSCO’s #SteelSaveEarth campaign continued the company’s endeavour to promote sustainability.

At POSCO’s campaign booth, shined the banner ‘#SteelSaveEarth With POSCO,’ through which the company spread messages to help curb single-use plastics and raise awareness on steel sustainability.

From initial planning and campaign execution to the final wrap up, POSCO University Student Brand Ambassador who understands their own generations better than anyone else, spearheaded the campaign activity at the Festival. The Ambassadors came up with original ideas like “Bottle Challenge,” “Steel Play Zone,” and “#SteelSaveEarth Green Photo Zone” to familiarize the public with the somewhat-distant material, steel.

Aware of the massive volume of plastic wastes produced at festivals, the Bottle Challenge program organized plastic-to-stainless-steel travel mugs activity – visitors brought plastic garbages they’ve collected at the festival in exchange for a brand new stainless steel travel mug. The program also informed the public on the proper ways of disposing plastics and raised awareness on steel as plastic alternative.

The Steel Play Zone sought to embrace visitors across generations by installing see-saw merry-go-around made of steel. Using scrap steel, visitors also had the chance to make floral tiaras and had their pictures taken at the photo booth, also made of steel.

POSCO will carry the initiative forward to promote steel sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Through obtaining official certifications like Environmental Product Declaration, the company will ensure their products are environmentally sustainable and will also roll out plans to keep their steel mills greener.

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