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POSCO, the 14th Participant Company of #Lovesteel Campaign


#Lovesteel Campaign, filled with passionate stories of steel industry workers that are hotter than the molten steel

If one thinks “working in the steel industry would be boring and stiff as steel”, then he/she is hugely mistaken. In an attempt to eliminate any prejudices similar to this, World Steel Association (worldsteel) launched #Lovesteel Campaign in September 2013. In a form of a series, the campaign illustrates short interviews of young employees and their passions and love toward the steel industry. Furthermore, #Lovesteel Campaign presents how starting a career in steel industry can be indeed exciting and attractive despite the common misconceptions toward the industry.

Whether you are a potential employee considering working in the steel industry or a current employee seeking to build up the career, #Lovesteel Campaign is an excellent source of information and opportunities not to be missed! 


#Lovesteel’s 14th Participant Company, POSCO

Thirteen companies have been participating in #Lovesteel Campaign since the initial launch in September 2013. POSCO became the 14th company to join the campaign. Let’s look into episodes of #Lovesteel Campaign POSCO!



1.        Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your job?

My name is Yerim Kim, I’m working in Investor Relations at POSCO. My job is to understand the company’s strategy and business activities in order to find a way to convey these effectively to our investors worldwide. So I have to be aware and stay keen on the events that are going on in-house and also the events that are going on outside the company.

2.        How did your education and experience lead to this job?

I majored in both English literature and business and I always wanted to work in a field where I could make use of both of my academic backgrounds. I got to know the company while working in a previous job in media. I love the idea of the company and its willingness to move forward, so I always wanted to be involved. And as a result, I have ended up in here now.

3.        What do you most like about your job?

The best part of my job is that I get to meet a wide range of people: they’re from all over the world and from different backgrounds but their main interest is the same: it’s about POSCO. So in my work, I get to fulfill their interests and their inquiries. I also get a chance to know my company better, which is very rewarding.

4.        What has most surprised you about the steel industry? 

The most surprising thing about the industry is that it covers a wide spectrum of businesses. In order to understand the dynamics of the steel industry, you have to understand the trend of raw materials, and the trend of demand industries such as automobile and ship-building. So while following all the economic trends, you also get to obtain broader perspectives in global business.

5.        What do you love about steel?

What I love about steel is its availability. You find it every day in your life around you, for example in bicycles, steel products, and even this building where we’re standing in right now. So I get to find inspiration to my work all around me. If you’re looking for something dynamic, steel will be your answer.


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