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Mark McGowan, the Premier of West Australia visited POSCO and had a conversation with CEO Jeong-woo Choi… Watched the ‘POSCO hydrogen world’


Premier Mark McGowan said, “Impressed in POSCO Group’s hydrogen business, will be a good partner”… Visited POSCO for the first business schedule in Korea

Conversation with CEO Jeong-woo Choi, “Partner who has been with us since the foundation… Needs close cooperation in clean hydrogen, green steel, and secondary battery materials”

‘POSCO hydrogen world’ is open for everyone without prior reservation at POSCO Center in Seoul until the end of February

Mark McGowan, Premier of Western Australia visited the POSCO Center in Seoul and watched the ‘POSCO group’s hydrogen value chain special exhibition (POSCO hydrogen world)’.

Premier of Western Australia Mark McGowan, who visited Korea on the 29th for investment cooperation in hydrogen and core minerals, visited POSCO Center in Seoul on the 30th as his first business schedule, watched the ‘POSCO hydrogen world’ and had a conversation with Jeong-woo Choi, CEO of POSCO Group. The visit was accompanied by Catherine Raper, the Australian Ambassador to Korea.

On this day, Premier of Western Australia Mark McGowan said, “It was an opportunity to see the competitiveness of POSCO Group in new and renewable energy including hydrogen. In particular, POSCO Group’s preparations for the entire value chain, from green hydrogen production to hydrogen reduction steelmaking, and hydrogen storage & utilization, were very impressive.”

After the exhibition, Premier Mark McGowan and his party shared the status and strategy of developing clean hydrogen/green steel and core minerals in Western Australia with POSCO Group and discussed ways to cooperate in the clean hydrogen/green steel and secondary battery material business.

CEO Jeong-woo Choi said, “Australia is a business partner country that has been with POSCO Group since its foundation. Also, we need close cooperation in the field of clean hydrogen and secondary battery materials, which POSCO Group is focusing on as a future growth engine.” Premier Mark McGowan responded, “POSCO Group will be a good partner not only in traditional raw material cooperation with Western Australia but also in the eco-friendly energy fields such as clean hydrogen, green steel, and secondary battery materials.”

POSCO Group has so far invested more than 4 trillion KRW in resource development in Australia, including iron ore, lithium, and nickel. Australia is evaluated as an optimal country for overseas clean hydrogen development due to its large land, abundant solar energy, wind resources, and advanced laws and systems.

In particular, CEO Jeong-woo Choi visited Australia in June last year and met with Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan and the heads of Australian resource development companies such as Hancock, First Quantum Minerals, and Pilbara Minerals and asked for cooperation and support in the field of eco-friendly future materials such as secondary battery materials and hydrogen business. He also attended the 43rd Korea-Australia Business Council (AKBC) held in Sydney, Australia, as the chairman of the Korean side in November last year and held mutual discussions in various fields such as strategic mineral cooperation plans, defense industry, infrastructure, and hydrogen energy.

Meanwhile, POSCO Group is holding a ‘POSCO hydrogen world’ at POSCO Center in Seoul from January 16th to the end of February to introduce the group’s hydrogen value chain. It is open for everyone without a reservation from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays.

POSCO Group prepared the special exhibition to showcase the entire hydrogen business being pursued by POSCO to employees and citizens based on the concept of the ‘POSCO Group Hydrogen Project’, which received a great response from visitors at the largest hydrogen industry exhibition ‘2022 H2 MEET’ in Korea held at KINTEX in September last year.

In particular, POSCO Holdings, POSCO, POSCO International, POSCO E&C, POSCO Mobility Solutions, and RIST participated to show POSCO Group’s technology and differentiated products through a total of *seven themed zones from hydrogen production to transportation, storage, and utilization. It is also introducing hydrogen transportation, storage, and utilization steel applied with POSCO Group’s steel and solutions, stainless steel for hydrogen fuel cell metal separation plates, and drive motor cores.
*Hydrogen synergy, hydrogen production technology, hydrogen plant, CCS/overseas infrastructure, hydrogen steel, hydrogen mobility, hydrogen storage/utilization

▲ Jeong-woo Choi, CEO of POSCO Group (center on the right) and Mark McGowan, the Premier of West Australia (center on the left) are having a conversation at the POSCO Center on the 30th.

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