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H.E. Togolani Edriss Mavura, Tanzanian Ambassador to South Korea: “A Bridge for Collaboration in POSCO Group’s Rechargeable Battery Material Business”


Visits to POSCO Group’s rechargeable battery material company and Gwangyang works from May 13 for two days

Tanzanian natural graphite to be used as anode material by POSCO Future M

H.E. Togolani Edriss Mavura, Tanzanian Ambassador to South Korea, visited POSCO Group’s facilities in Sejong and Gwangyang from May 13 for two days.

Tanzania is rich in natural graphite, a critical raw material for anodes in Rechargeable batteries. POSCO Group has invested in the Mahenge mine in Tanzania, the world’s second-largest graphite deposit by volume, securing a contract to supply 750,000 tons of natural graphite over 25 years. To ensure a stable supply of natural graphite and foster a strong relationship with Tanzania, POSCO Holdings invited Ambassador Mavura and his delegation.

▲H.E. Togolani Edriss Mavura, Tanzanian Ambassador to South Korea (second from left), taking a commemorative photo with Wook Choi, Head of Gwangyang Anode Material Division, at the POSCO Future M Gwangyang Anode Material Plant.

On May 13, Ambassador Mavura first visited the POSCO Future M Sejong Anode Material Plant, where Tanzanian natural graphite will be used. He toured the POSCO Future M Gwangyang Cathode Material Plant, POSCO HY Clean Metal, and POSCO Gwangyang works. After inspecting the facilities, Ambassador Mavura expressed his admiration for the scale of POSCO Group’s Rechargeable battery material business. He noted that Tanzania, which also has nickel and lithium mines, looks forward to expanding its collaboration with POSCO Group in the Rechargeable battery material sector. He added that Tanzania is rich in agricultural resources such as cashew nuts, coffee, and sugarcane, which opens up further opportunities for cooperation with POSCO Group’s diverse business units involved in food resources.

▲H.E. Togolani Edriss Mavura, Tanzanian Ambassador to South Korea, being briefed on business cooperation plans at the POSCO Future M Gwangyang Cathode Material Plant.

Visiting the Gwangyang works, Ambassador Mavura remarked, “I was amazed by Gwangyang works, the world’s largest steel plant. The automated processes that operate cleanly and safely were particularly impressive.”

Meanwhile, the South Korean government is pursuing an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Tanzania, the first agreement with an African nation. Ambassador Mavura, who was selected as one of the “100 Tanzanian Changemakers 2023” last year, is expected to play a crucial role in bridging cooperation between the governments of South Korea and Tanzania.

* EPA: A trade agreement with market-opening elements similar to a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) aimed at mutual prosperity and cooperation with partner countries.

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