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Gwangyang Friends Volunteer Corps and a local organization hosted a joint wedding for multi-cultural couples


The Gwangyang Steelworks Manufacturing Technology Division Friends Volunteer Corps hosted a wedding for five multi-cultural Gwangyang couples at Gwangyang Community Center on December 5th, wishing them marriages full of happiness.

The joint wedding ceremony tradition is in its 7th year and this year was jointly prepared with the local volunteer organization, Gaya Lion’s Club. This year, 5 families were selected with Filipino and Vietnamese brides.

At the community center wedding hall in Jungma-dong, Gwangyang, 300 guests including the husbands’ families and their friends attended the nuptials, with Gwangyang Steelworks Head Baek Seunggwan as the officiator.

The joint wedding was held to promote social self-esteem of these immigrant wives, to help them adjust to new culture and customs, and to help the couples create a healthy and happy union.

Gwangyang Friends Volunteer Corps and a local organization hosted a joint wedding for multi-cultural couples

Gwangyang Steelworks Head Baek Seunggwan said, “Despite our different nationalities, languages, and cultures, we appreciate that there are unchanging truths such as the responsibilities between parents and children, and the affection between brothers and sisters. The grooms should take care of their brides who have come from far overseas, showing true utter devotion, helping their brides overcome the challenges and fears of living in an unfamiliar environment, and express great courage in living a new life.”

Filipino bride Julie Pedriha  read aloud a letter of thanks to her father who came to attend his daughter’s wedding, touching the hearts of the attendees. She said, “I would like to truly thank the Friends Volunteer Corps which helped us hold this unforgettable wedding and I will be a good wife and good daughter-in-law.”

Members of the Friends Volunteer Corps and Gaya Lion’s Club sang a song of congratulations, while the grooms danced to the upbeat music, creating a fun and bright wedding.

The Friends Volunteer Corps and Gaya Lion’s Club began preparations for the wedding in October and supported all costs, including wedding dresses, bridal make-up, and refreshments for the guests.

After the wedding, the couples visited the Gwangyang Steelworks PR Center and the hot-roll steel factory, and also visited the Manufacturing Control Center and Manufacturing Technology Division to thank all the employees who helped prepare the wedding.

The Gwangyang Steelworks Friends Volunteer Corps has hosted joint weddings for 35 international brides to date, utilizing funds donated by employees on a monthly basis, and also carries out activities like cultural experiences and healthy summer activities to help new immigrant brides settle as Korean neighbors.

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