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Golden Information for those who are interested in working at POSCO


[box] The 2014 recruiting period for top talent in China and Southeast Asia is now closed. Thank you everyone for your interest in POSCO! [/box]


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POSCO is screening overseas recruitment to select outstanding individuals in China/Southeast Asia. Have you checked the announcement? Many people probably have been waiting for this announcement! And now, here is the top information for those who do not want to miss this chance! We fully reveal the interview of the Manager Haein Park who became a part of the POSCO family through overseas recruitment and the Manager Boyoung Lim, the recruitment manager! Through these interviews, do not miss the finest tips to become a part of the POSCO family!


Pictured here: Recruiting manager Boyoung Lim and Manager Haein Park


Recruiting manager Boyoung Lim reveals a tip to become a part of the POSCO family!


Pictured here: Recruiting manager Boyoung Lim

1. Please let us know about the company ‘POSCO’!
As the history of mankind have the same way in developing with steel, the road that POSCO has been taken for the development is engaged with the history of Korean economic growth. For the last 46 years after the foundation in 1968, with the challenging mindset and power of execution, this company created something out of nothing and is the leading company in Korean iron and steel industry. As a result, even in the global economic recession and the crisis of global steel industry, the company made high performance and showed high competitiveness. The company was selected as ‘World’s most competitive steel industry’ for 6 consecutive times by WSD (World Steel Dynamics) – a global evaluation group for steel. POSCO has been recorded as the most respected company in Korea for 11 consecutive years.

2. What is the background for POSCO to execute overseas recruitment in China/Southeast Asia?
Meanwhile, POSCO has invested in China/Southeast Asia to enter the global market with the continuous increase of steel demand. 42% of the product sales volume is already exporting to overseas, and the company is planning to preemptively enter developing countries, where steel demand will be increasing. This is to expand overseas marketing abilities and achieve market diversification. This overseas recruitment was executed to promote successful businesses, with a mind that securing talents with fluent local language and cultural knowledge is the most important factor.

3. How is the overseas recruitment being processed?
Anyone who graduated a local university in China/Southeast Asia or who is planning to graduate in February, 2015 can apply. Qualification requirements include having a deep understanding about the local area and fluent local or foreign language skills. Applications can be submitted at POSCO’s recruitment homepage ( until May 7 (3pm). Interviewees will be selected and the interview screening will be held abroad and locally. The result of each screening will be informed via e-mail separately.

4. What is the most important part for the interviewee to have during the recruitment?
The concept of the right people who POSCO is seeking is global citizen, creator, and executor. Global citizen refers to an individual who has an open mind and global capabilities, and respects diversity to perform in the global stage. Creator takes endless challenges with an indomitable will and passion to achieve the target in the best level, and creates new values with unique perspectives and approaches. Lastly, a executor means a person who fully completes the given work with professional skills and knowledge about the own area. Based on such concepts, understandings of local society and culture, language proficiency, and application field will be screened as this is the overseas recruitment.


Exposing the application process and life in POSCO of the Manager Haein Park, who entered the company through the overseas recruitment!


Pictured here: Manager Haein Park

1. Please introduce your assigned task

After joining POSCO in 2010, I’ve worked on personnel projects such as development and management of core talent overseas, staff assignment, and HR department recruitment. The most memorable tasks were, choosing outstanding personnel from the local employees at POSCO overseas corporation around the world, managing the career path through studying abroad and dispatch work to Korea, and the overseas recruitment of international students in various countries who were needed for the development strategy of the company. From February 2014, I moved to the Marketing Department, according to the POSCO’s circulation appointment system, and now I am in charge of exports to China in the cold rolled steel sales group of the Electrical & Electronic Marketing Dept. I do analysis of the Chinese market, making sales contracts through negotiation with clients, and delivery production management.

2. What was your motivation to apply to POSCO?
Later my 20s, my life was focused on China. So I wanted to do something related to China. I majored in international politics and economics. Thus, I had a high interest in basic industry and my values about the environment and social contribution was high, too. This was the reason why I always had an interest in POSCO. The steel business has a high wall for foreign companies to enter to other nations. However, POSCO implemented active localization as establishing branch offices in China so I started having an interest in its Chinese business. Therefore, I found certainty that this company walked with the same values as myself, and this motivated me to apply.

3. What did you prepare in priority for your entrance to POSCO?
I just loved China so I socialized with various Chinese people and traveled around China. Not only that, I studied Chinese language, cultures, food, politics, economy, and overall life style. Maybe this had appealed the interviewers during the recruitment. Also, I may get good scores by answering the simple questions as relating to the POSCO business as I studied the basics about the job that I was applying to, researched the status of its overseas businesses, and read almost entire articles related to the company.

4. What experiences from before entering POSCO help to execute work after the entrance?
The experiences of traveling around the world and the having diverse social experiences were helpful to me. When I was appointed to take care of the employees with different nationalities and communicating with them at the HR department, the experience of studying abroad allowed me to think what the dispatched or studying abroad employees do need. Thus, I was able to think how study abroad students can gain recruitment information and what service is wanted from recruiters when I was in the Recruiting Team.

5. What does an overseas recruited employee have to be careful to adapt to the organization?
I think those employees who have spent their childhood, school years, or social life abroad has many advantages, including flexible and open mind, and actively expressing own thoughts. However, as much as life at work needs systematic cooperation with stakeholders, there must also be a process of making teamwork and opinion coordination. There may be times when a person must sacrifice his or her profit for greater things. Showing consideration to the surroundings when necessary can make the strengths of overseas recruited employees shine even more.

6. Please tell us your dream or vision
I am doing my best to be born again as a sales agent. I believe it needs a lot of studying on products and trade. If there is an opportunity, I would like to be sent on a dispatch assignment to a branch office in China in order to gain knowledge and experience about the Chinese market and about sales. In the future, I want to become a sincere authority on Chinese affairs with a comprehensive understanding and business experiences to compete and associate with Chinese people in China.

7. Last word to say to the people who are preparing entrance to POSCO?
I think it is important to select the company that fits well with my own values before finding a job. I believe a match exists not only between people, but also between the company and an employee. When I see the people who enjoy working and show good performance, they are usually the ones who match with POSCO. The thoughts of what kind of person I am, what makes me happy, and what values I have should be done before applying to a company. The studies on the company and the employees, the history, and the vision are required. I hope many POSCO lovers and people who can develop at POSCO could join us.


Have you well noted the recruitment related tips told by Manager Boyoung Lim and Haein Park?
We hope it helped many applicants! The deadline for application is May 7, 15:00 (Korean time basis), so do not miss this opportunity!

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