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Fostering Future Global Leaders to Drive Global One POSCO


POSCO Group University(Representative Director Park, Kui-chan) is pushing forward in an effort to foster the skill sets of excellent local employees to lead overseas affiliates in the future.

Since July, POSCO Group University has visited overseas affiliates in China, Japan, India and Vietnam   to operate the “Program for New Leaders” and the “Internal Instructor Fostering Program” based on its Global Teaching and Learning Kit (GTaLK). As POSCO expands its global businesses, the steelmaker is conducting the systematic global talent program across group levels, allowing all members of POSCO Group to receive equal growth opportunities regardless of their company or nationality.

Selected employees from 35 overseas affiliates in six countries including China, Japan, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, attended the “Program for New Leaders” and “Internal Instructor Fostering Program,” which were conducted for the first time. Employees working at local affiliates of POSCO E&C, Daewoo International and POSCO ICT also received the training.

“Program for New Leaders” is designed to provide practical assistance for new leaders to establish goals and properly implement leadership roles. Eighty-two local employees who completed the program learned about POSCO’s vision and history, as well as the roles and responsibilities of POSCO Group leaders and management skills needed in leadership roles.


Employees at POSCO-Maharashtra celebrated their completion of the New Leadership Program, which ran for 3 days from October 5.

The 59 local employees who participated in the “Internal Instructor Fostering Program” will soon be responsible for conducting various internal trainings including those focused on POSCO Group’s management philosophy and headquarter policies. POSCO Group University will foster 25 additional local internal instructors in cooperation with POSCO-South Asia, POSCO-America and POSCO-Mexico by the end of this year, and plans to award excellent instructors.

In addition to the training programs, POSCO Group University created GTaLK, a series of educational materials and online lectures on 18 subjects such as value sharing, leadership, management and product knowledge. GTaLK has been distributed to 60 overseas affiliates in three languages—English, Chinese and Japanese—and is expected to play an important role in strengthening core competencies and enhancing local affiliates’ own training programs.


The Global Teaching and Learning Kit (GTaLK) centers on 18 subjects that are essential to strengthening the core competencies of employees working for overseas affiliates.

Here’s what a few POSCO employees had to say about the company’s training programs and kits:

Yang-dong Park / POSCO-JAPAN
“Participating in the new leadership program was a valuable experience for me to equip myself with basic competencies as a POSCO Group leader and to reevaluate the role of leaders. I will strive to become a leader who can be a role model to subordinates. ”

Chiranjeev Maini / POSCO-India
“After completing the internal instructor fostering program, I could feel the sense of unity as one of POSCO Group’s members, and gained confidence as an instructor. I will actively perform my role delivering POSCO HQ’s management philosophy and policies accurately and effectively.”

Santitad Paimai / POSCO-South Asia
“This program helped me to better understand POSCO HQ’s global training policy. The English version of the latest training kit will be helpful in teaching as an internal instructor in the future.”
POSCO Group University plans to expand its global training infrastructure to foster superior global talent who will lead the future growth of overseas affiliates through close operation with overseas representative affiliates.

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