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[Find the Hidden POSCO] ⑤ Like the Air We Breathe, Steel — from Morning to Night


Through [Find the Hidden POSCO], POSCO Newsroom explored the company’s steel products, technology, and corporate citizenship endeavor. Steel is always present, everywhere, so we tend to take it for granted — like the air we breathe.

Steel is everywhere, indeed. We don’t even have to go treasure-hunting to find where it is, but where do we run into it exactly, one might wonder. Let’s explore, from the moment we wake up in the morning until the light goes off before we sleep — with POSCO Newsroom.

With the new mattress, I’ve been getting quality sleep. The mattress innerspring is so firm and stable and I could sleep like a baby. Quality mattress brings quality sleep. Every part of my body is truly feeling the impact of the new comfortable mattress.

The first thing I do when I wake up every morning is to turn off my smartphone alarm. It’s almost a reflex. I make myself a quick breakfast smoothie — with fresh milk and fruits from the refrigerator, washing the fruits in the sink, then tossing them into a blender. Thanks to these kitchen appliances — easy-to-use, efficient and hygienic — my morning is hassle-free. Drinking the morning smoothie, I read the news on my tablet PC.

To get dressed, I take out my work clothes from a steel wardrobe. The news alert from my tablet PC tells me it’s going to be quite brisk today, so I take out my autumn coat from the hanger. After putting on my watch, I get bundled up, zipping up my jacket all the way. Then, I head out for work.

Today will be another hectic day with the new project our department just acquired. I’m already pumped up with anticipation. I arrive at the office building and enter. Lots of people are waiting in front of the elevator. Some people take the escalator instead.

A few conference rooms are already occupied with those having early business meetings. Looking at the office furniture, I think it’s great that more companies take great care in office ergonomics and interiors. Environment and efficiency are also big factors these days, I hear, which is great. Everywhere I go, I notice this new trend.

Inside the building that embraces all these facilities, people, and their energy, made me feel as though the building itself had a life of its own — very much alive and breathing.

I walk into my office. There are so many things I need for work these days. A date-planner used to be pretty much what I needed, but tablet PCs and smartphones are becoming indispensable for checking emails and reviewing important files, images, or presentation. That doesn’t mean the paper is useless, of course. Paper is still very much part of my work routine, and I need a stapler, clips, and pens nearby. My glasses which I need to protect my eyesight, are on my desk at all times.

Heading out into the road after work, the rush-hour traffic is already quite heavy. In a busy city like Seoul, the best way to navigate around the city is the bicycle, which is my main mode of transportation. Though, sometimes I use electric scooters because it’s perfect for zigzagging around every little corner of the city. Today, I am heading to the Han River with my bicycle, and I only have to hit three more traffic lights to get there.

During the autumn, the sun goes down pretty early. Even if it’s a bit dark, I do want to spend more time outdoors as much as possible, before winter is here. I take a moment to check out the night scenery across the river. Lots of buildings still have lights on. Trains pass over the bridges to the other side of the river. Underneath the bridge, a cruise ship passes by. Soon, I will have to head home and prepare for the next day.

How was your day today? What did you see? Did you get to appreciate the small but beautiful things that surround us all? Sometimes the most precious stay hidden, invisible — like steel. It’s around us everywhere to help us live our day to the fullest. Whether we realize it or not, it’s with us. Always.

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