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Exemplary Employee Training for POSCO Global Branches



It is evident that POSCO is a global company when we consider its local steel mills, offices and processing centers operating in the worldwide spectrum. However, due to the perception of POSCO as a foreign company and the differences in cultural and working style, many staffs in the global branches feel close yet far about the company. Therefore, POSCO is offering various activities to enhance the family-like atmosphere of POSCO and to improve the working experience of the staffs in global branches. Today, we would like to introduce the exemplary employee training, one of those activities.

Introducing the Exemplary Employee Training for POSCO Global Branches

The week-long training course in Korea, the exemplary employee training for POSCO global branches is designed for global employees who are recommended by the managing director of the local office. The training aims to augment the core value and vision of POSCO, stimulate the family-like atmosphere and raise multicultural sensibility. This year, the training is offered to global branches including China, Thailand, Mexico and Japan. From October 13 to 18, 29 trainees from 13 branches of 8 countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia, had enjoyed a valuable time by participating in the exemplary employee training.

PROGRAM 1: Hello Korea! Hello POSCO!

1The trainees participated in team-building activities which provided an opportunity to learn about each other and accomplish group missions while cooperating with each other. Also, they browsed around POSCO’s learning center, the cradle of global education and POSCO’s museum where the past, present and the future of POSCO’s technology are visible. Moreover, lectures on ‘Cross-cultural Negotiation’ and ‘Working with Koreans’ provided a chance to deepen their understandings of different cultures.

PROGRAM 2: Visiting POSCO’s Birthplace, Pohang
Finally, the trainees had an opportunity to visit POSCO’s Pohang Steel Plant. As our tour bus passed through the main entrance, the dynamic scenic view of the plant was spread before us. The level of concentration exhibited by exemplary employees listening to the explanations of guides regarding the history and status quo of the steel plant, portrayed a sense of earnest interest. After having finished the tour, we visited the 2nd processing facility of the steel-making division. After listening to the explanations of the Vice Plant Manager, they were able to personally see the charging process, a vital process in steel-making. Sparks together with molten metal generated a grand sightseeing experience.Furthermore, they were able to trace and visualized the historical progress of POSCO via a visit to the POSCO history museum. Familiar contents including Rommel House, the Right Turn spirit, and records of the very first tapping of POSCO steel reassured the trainees of what they had learnt during their lectures. It is fair to say that global employees are now better aware of the persistence and commitment our seniors devoted to establishing POSCO’s presence as it is today.


PROGRAM 3: Experiencing authentic taste and aesthetics of traditional Korean culture at Kyungju


Kyungju is full of historical sites and treasures that it is a must-go place when visiting Korea. The trainees visited this historical mecca and had an opportunity to experience everything Korean from making of their own Kimchi, trying on traditional Korean clothes called Hanbok, and singing along Arirang, the most well-known Korean traditional song, in beats with Jangu, traditional double-headed drum.

Exemplary Employee Training: Memories & Vision, and Success

“Through this opportunity, I experienced and sensed how big of an international corporation POSCO truly is. I am proud to be a part of POSCO family and I am fully ready to contribute more to the POSCO’s striving success.

– Testimonials from students

Towards the end of every exemplary employee training, all participating employees sum up their experiences by taking some time to look back and appreciate the time and memories they shared. On such occasions, the following phrases always come to minds of many:

We share these memories

We share the vision

And we will share a successful future

All as one in POSCO Family

We sincerely hope that the new employees working for the global subsidiaries could share visions and memories as a whole POSCO family and become contributing members for the POSCO’s bright future.


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