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Exclusive Interview with Creators of POSCO’s AI Chatbot


Chatbot literally means a robot that chats. It’s a system that answers to the user’s question in an arranged pattern. With the advancement of AI technology, it is now evolving into an intelligence that can engage in conversations with its user instead of simply answering questions.

Chatbot is one of the latest and popular technology not only adopted by chat-based services but through a multitude of competing industries such as Web portals, shopping malls, and manufacturers. As such, big changes are is in progress with its continued adoption. Among the services, a work support chatbot is especially notable for fostering convenient and smart working culture.

It is not a easy to improve the long-established working style in bigger corporations. Yet the adoption of chatbot technology encourages  improvements in efficiency that are unexpected. POSCO and its employees anticipate its role in the work culture. 

POSCO is rather open to adopting its work support chatbot services. The trial run of “People Search” chatbot service took place August last year. Since June this year, its function was upgraded along with the add-ons of document and email search services.

What is the reason for its adoption and what makes it so special? POSCO Newsroom met with developer (Min-ju Cha, Deputy Head of POSCO ICT) and planner (Min-ho Shin, Deputy Head of POSCO Information Planning Dept.) for an interview designed with POSCO’s actual chatbot chat window below.

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