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Easy guide to Park1538!


A new cultural space has been created in Pohang. It is ‘Park1538’, a high quality space where you can experience POSCO’s past, present and future. Park1538 is located on a hill next to POSCO’s headquarters overlooking Pohang Steelworks.
*Park1538, a compound word of ‘Park’ and 1538℃, a melting point of pure steel, was built as a cultural space to share POSCO’s past, present, and future with the public.

In short, Park1538 is an ‘eco-friendly healing space where iron and nature harmonize.’ A Waterside Park filled with sunlight, wind, and water, a POSCO History Museum that provides a glimpse of POSCO’s 53-year history, POSCO Museum that unfolds the story of iron and POSCO’s vision, and Hall of Honor that remembers the steel-men who brightened POSCO. And the Chaoreum-gil and sky bridge connecting these spaces. It is open for Pohang citizens and any travelers.

Seeing is believing! Let’s take a look on Park1538 together with a map!

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Waterside Park is the first place where visitors meet Park1538 and is an eco-friendly rest area designed with a theme of iron and nature. The existing wetlands have been renovated to created a cultural space where citizens can stay anytime. The unique scenery around the pond fountain is expected every season, beautifully harmonized with trees like weeping willow and pine, as well as herbaceous flowers and aquatic plants.

Across from the Waterside Park is the POSCO History Museum, where POSCO’s birth story begins. You can feel the touching moment from 1968 to growing into a world-class steel company through various historical records. (For more information, Park1538 POSCO History Museum)

To see the POSCO Museum, the core of Park1538, you will climb a small hill along the Chaoreum-gil. You will get more joy as you walk along the Chaoreum-gil, which connects POSCO History Museum and POSCO Museum. On both sides of Chaoreum-gil, there are silver grass, green grass in all seasons with various seasonal plants as well.

POSCO Museum that you meet after walking along the Chaoreum-gil was designed with a concept of infinite loop, meaning the infinite human creativity and reusability of steel. The first floor contains the story of iron, second floor contains POSCO’s present and future vision and the stories of employees, while the roof garden where you can enjoy a view of Pohang Steelworks at a glance. It will be the most memorable place in Park1538 where you can enjoy POSCO’s stories through media technology and artworks by the best artists of the time.

park1538_structure image

Art Museum, another name for Park1538?
Park 1538 is rich in attractions with beautiful landscapes and various exhibition materials, but this is not the end. The fact is that you can even enjoy the artworks of cream of the crop of domestic and foreign artists. The stainless steel sculpture welcomes visitors at the entrance of POSCO Museum. You can see ‘Infiniturn,’ a artwork by ‘Ron Arad’ containing the identity of POSCO Museum, ‘The imagination of iron and human beings meets to develop human civilization infinitely.’ In the middle of the museum, ‘Non-object, Pole,’ a work by Anish Kapoor, a modern art master in England, is on display. The smooth surface in the form of an hourglass reflects visitors and the surrounding environment tridimensionally, creating the illusion that space is expanding infinitely. The reflection, distortion, and transition of the current image reflected on the artwork is a spiritual and essential approach to the other side of reality, giving a moment to experience the author’s world of work entirely.

After the POSCO Museum tour, you will meet a sky bridge connecting POSCO Hall of Honor. It is a 234m long high-line trail with a view of the Steelworks along with nature. The key point is that it embodies a wind corridor which air is injected to set a fire in the furnace. The 14m high observatory has a glass floor overlooking the feet, providing an exhilarating experience for visitors.

At the end of the bridge is POSCO Hall of Honor, where POSCO people’s brilliant achievements and spirit are remembered. POSCO people who have contributed to the company’s development such as found personnel, former CEOs, masters and more can be met through nameplates. It is a place to remember the past 50 years and to feel the commitment and energy of executives and employees who will lead the next 50 years.

Park1538 is a high-quality cultural space and a new landmark in Pohang prepared by POSCO. It started operating on March 31 with an opening ceremony. Inquiries and reservations are available on the Park1538 website. Why don’t you go to Park1538 for a little rest in your life where anyone can enjoy walking and relaxing?

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