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Are you still commuting to the office? We commute to the nearest base office! Using 200% of POSCO Group’s base office


Get closer to customers with a base office!

POSCO Group has established base offices in major locations such as Yeouido and Pangyo to create an autonomous and flexible work environment and increase employee accommodation. The office, which is designed to increase work immersion by reducing the fatigue associated with long-distance commuting in the Seoul area, provides various spaces such as a single-person immersive seat, a lounge for multiple people, and a conference room so that employees can focus on work without any difference from conventional offices. A seat reservation system has also been established, making it even more convenient for employees. We met the employees who work at the base office in a variety of ways.

Ko Eun-mi, manager of the Hot Rolled Steel Wire Material Marketing Office, is in charge of the Dongguk Industrial account near Myeong-dong. She goes to work at the Geumsegi Building in Eulji-ro, a nearby base office, which increases customer satisfaction through smooth collaboration, such as immediately responding to urgent meetings with customers and directly reflecting requests in work. Dongguk Industrial said they are positive that POSCO personnel are nearby to discuss matters immediately and quickly prepare countermeasures.

Shin Jun-young of the Energy Shipbuilding Marketing Office lives near Yeouido and often goes on business trips to his customer, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering’s Okpo shipyard. He usually works at the Yeouido base office and heads to Seoul Station for business trips to Geoje, where Okpo Shipyard is located. The commuting time has been reduced since he does not need to go to the POSCO Center in Gangnam, and customer satisfaction is high because he can focus on customer service with the time he has saved.

Meet us at the base office! Communicating differently with team members

It is said that close communication by each section in a cozy base office rather than a crowded office can help solve complex problems, and it would be a suitable means to promote the revitalization of organizations that have been reduced in the aftermath of COVID-19. Let’s meet the Home Appliance Steel Sheet Sales Group, which develops ideas through smooth communication and boasts strong teamwork!

The Domestic Home Appliance Section of the Home Appliance Steel Sheet Sales Group held a workshop at the Eulji-ro base office to establish a plan for the “Customer Company Jump Program.” They remarked that they came up with many good ideas after meeting team members they had not met often due to frequent business trips and putting their heads together.

They invited their customers, DK Dongshin, located nearby and introduced the prepared program plan. They also had time to discuss trends of color-coated steel sheet manufacturers and customer needs in the home appliance industry with the customers. An official from DK Dongshin said, “POSCO came to the vicinity of our office and kindly explained about the program. It increased trust, and I received direct customer care. I hope we will continue to spend much time communicating at the base office in the future.”

Endless fun! Cultural activities to enjoy after work

It is said that creative ideas come up better in a new environment. Research has verified that proper leisure time enhances work efficiency and creativity. We will meet employees of the International Trade Office who enjoyed cultural activities together after working in a different space away from the office where they usually worked.

Employees of the International Trade Office had an organization revitalization time at the Yeouido base office with the theme Trade Blossom Day. After working at the base office, the employees used their time after work to feel the warm spring energy of March and also saw a photo exhibition by Theresa Freitas at The Hyundai Seoul in Yeouido.

The Marketing Division internally encourages its employees to use a base office, and they actively practice work-life balance to save time at the base office instead of working at the POSCO Center. Moreover, the base office promotes field sales to practice flexible and fast customer response and helps strengthen communication between employees and colleagues. So, what are the opinions of the employees who have used the base office?

Externally, using the base office resulted in 200% customer satisfaction.
Internally, POSCO’s Marketing Division aims to implement an agile organization based on 3S!
The Marketing Division’s efforts will continue in the future.

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