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Announcement of Winners of Space Walk Contest at Hwanho Park in Pohang for Video


Space Walk, which is about to surpass 300,000 visitors in four months after it opened, is a landmark of Korea in both fact and name. In this Space Walk photo and video contest at Hwanho Park in Pohang, which was held with this theme, 328 photos and 87 videos were submitted, and 11 works (two grand awards (one photo and one video), three most excellent awards (two photos and one video), and six excellence awards (three photos and three videos)) received awards.

The award ceremony for the contest will be held on March 31 at Space Walk in Hwanho Park, Pohang, along with volunteer activities by the POSCO Talent Volunteer Corps to celebrate 300,000 Space Walk visitors.

Let’s take a look at the award-winning works in the category of professional videos in this contest!

*Regarding the announcement of the award-winning works of the Space Walk photo and video contest at Hwanho Park in Pohang announced on March 25, works that did not meet the participation pledge and guidelines to participate were excluded. For this reason, we cancelled the awards and post the revised award results as follows.

<Grand award – Joo-seop Shin>

<Most Excellence Award – Sang-woo Oh>

<Excellence Award –  Seok-hee Son>

<Excellence Award – Ho-jae Ahn>

<Excellence Award – Soon-chae Hong>

<Selected – Gwon So-hee and 17 others>

So-hee Gwon / Gyeong-don Kim / Dae-jeong Kim / Min-geon Kim / Yeong-min Kim
Woon-hak Kim / Poo-reun Kim / Ha-neul Kim / Seong-joon Park / Chang-joo Park
Yoo-mi Bae / Seong-won Shin / Dae-woong Yang / Jeong-yeop Oh / Dong-wook Lee
Byeong-yoon Lee / Gyu-dae Jo / Woo-taek Choi

Thanks to the golden-handed participants who beautifully captured Space Walk, we were able to have a moment as if it was in front of our eyes. We hope that Space Walk, which is positioned as a popular attraction in Pohang, will continue to give special experiences to citizens.

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