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A letter from Indonesia: POSCO Employee Launches New Career at 61


We often make excuses when we are not clear about making big decisions. One of the excuses is about our ‘age’. Even if a rare or special opportunity is given, a lot of people are hesitative, thinking that they are too old to take the chance. However, there is a POSCO member who is continuously challenging, regardless of his age, to start a new life. This is a letter from Suh Chang-yup, who has begun a new life in Indonesia in his sixties.




POSCO’s New Success Story: Integrated Steelworks in Indonesia

POSCO has started its construction of Krakatau POSCO, an integrated steelworks in Cilegon, Indonesia, from October 28, 2009. The first stage of the construction, targeting for 3 million tons of annual production, is scheduled to be completed by the end of December this year.

Krakatau POSCO, South East Asia’s first integrated steelworks, is a joint venture between POSCO and Indonesia’s state-run steelmaker Krakatau Steel. By utilizing POSCO’s extensive experiences from initiating the era of steel industry in Korea 40 years ago, and the know-hows of managing various overseas mills in China, Vietnam, and Mexico, POSCO will make a new success story in the land of opportunity, Indonesia.

Suh Chang-yup has been dispatched to the Coke Plant Construction team and he is now working as a technological consultant for the ‘coke oven part,’ the most important area of the construction.


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