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POSCO to promote normal operation of blast furnaces at Pohang Works around September 10


The normalization of the Iron and Steel Making Substation is scheduled to be completed this morning… Target to complete power recovery by the 10th

The steelworks is also scheduled to resume operation within the holiday period

All environmental maintenance in the steelworks will be completed within the Chuseok holiday period

POSCO’s typhoon damage restoration work is accelerating. POSCO is planning to operate the three blast furnaces at the Pohang Works, which are currently blown down, sequentially from the 10th.

The Iron and Steel Making substation, which suffered flood damage, will be normalized this morning, and desalinated water facilities and LNG power plants will be normalized one after the other by tomorrow to supply steam and oxygen nitrogen necessary for the early operation of the blast furnace. The goal is to normalize the Rolling Substation by the 10th to complete the power recovery at the steelworks.

Steelmaking plants will also be linked to handle the molten iron produced from the blast furnaces and will operate during the Chuseok holiday period.

Due to the typhoon damage, underground facilities in many areas of the steelworks were flooded. Extensive drainage work for underground facilities is currently in progress, and the Gyeongbuk Fire Department supported 8 large water pumps and three shipbuilding companies including Hyundai Heavy Industries provided a total of 78 water pumps and emergency generators.

During the Chuseok holiday, employees of Pohang Works, as well as employees of the Gwangyang Works, will adjust the operation plan to support recovery, and all environmental maintenance within the Works will be completed within the holiday period.

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