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POSCO is a global steel-making company seeking to advance as ‘Corporate Citizens’. ‘With POSCO’ is our management vision. We pursue ‘Business With POSCO’ by creating values with business partners, ‘Society With POSCO’ through shaping a better future with community, and ‘People With POSCO’, building a culture of trust and creativity with others. 

Leaping forward, POSCO will continue to lead a new future through constant advancement. Through cutting-edge technology and expertise, we will overcome limitations in various industries while manifesting future possibilities. POSCO’s brand identity, 'Unlimit the Limit' conveys this spirit of challenging limitations. 

POSCO Fact Sheet

All data as of 2017

Global No. 1

  • World Steel Dyanmics(WSD) World Steel Dyanmics(WSD)
    World’s Most Competitive Steelmaker World Steel Dyanmics(WSD)
  • Dow Jones Sustainability Indices(DJSI) Dow Jones Sustainability Indices(DJSI)
    Worlds’s Most Sustainable Company Dow Jones Sustainability Indices(DJSI)
  • World Economic Forum(Davos Forum) World Economic Forum(Davos Forum)
    Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporation World Economic Forum(Davos Forum)

Global Presence


No. of Countries of Operation


No. of Overseas Subsidiaries and offices


No. of Global Employees

Steelworks Overview

  • pohang pohang
    9,500,000m2 Size of Pohang Steelworks
    33,536 tons Steel Production Per Day At Pohang Steelworks
  • gwangyang gwangyang
    21,350,000m2 Size of Gwangyang Steelworks
    59,114 tons Steel Production Per Day At Gwangyang Steelworks

Steel Production

933,686,000 tons

Since Establishment (1973)

World Premium Steel

Sales and Share Ratio of WP/WP+ table, 2015year, Ratio of WP:12,710 Thousand tons, 38.4%, 2016year, Ratio of WP:15,973 Thousand tons, 47.3%, 2017year, Ratio of WP:17,333 Thousand tons, 53.4%, Ratio of WP+:8,361 Thousand tons, 25.7%, 2018[p]year, Ratio of WP:18,875 Thousand tons, 57.0%, Ratio of WP+:9,925 Thousand tons, 30.0%
WP(World Premium) and WP+ are the Products that carefully designed by the POSCO’s unique technologies, also referring to ‘World First (WF)’, ‘World Best (WB)’ and ‘World Most (WM)’.

Technology Leadership

42,000 No. of Domestic Patents
5,000 No. of Overseas Patents (Approx. 50 countries)
250 No. of Brands (Approx. 110 countries)
90 No. of Design Patents

Social Responsibility

Social Commitment of each employee

32 hours/year

Participation rate of employees

90 %

POSCO Steel Village
participated 905 employees,
621 POSCO Beyond volunteers

104 houses