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POSCO is the world’s leading steel-making company established in 1968. POSCO has two steelworks in Pohang and Gwangyang, South Korea. Recognized by World Steel Dynamics as the most competitive steelmaker for 10 consecutive years, POSCO is devoted to the company’s management philosophy,  'Corporate Citizenship: Building a Better Future Together'.

Guided by the company's 'With POSCO' vision, POSCO creates values for its business partners through 'Business with POSCO' principle. Through 'Society With POSCO,' POSCO dreams a better future for the community it serves, and through 'People With POSCO,'  POSCO aspires to build a culture that values trust and creativity.

POSCO Fact Sheet

All data as of 2019

Global No. 1

  • World Steel Dyanmics(WSD) World Steel Dyanmics(WSD)
    World’s Most Competitive Steelmaker World Steel Dyanmics(WSD)
  • Dow Jones Sustainability Indices(DJSI) Dow Jones Sustainability Indices(DJSI)
    Worlds’s Most Sustainable Company Dow Jones Sustainability Indices(DJSI)
  • World Economic Forum(Davos Forum) World Economic Forum(Davos Forum)
    Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporation World Economic Forum(Davos Forum)
  • No.1 Crude Steel Production : Gwangyang Steelworks, No.2 : Pohang Steelworks No.1 Crude Steel Production : Gwangyang Steelworks, No.2 : Pohang Steelworks
    World’s Largest Integrated Steelworks No.1 Gwangyang Steelworks No.2 Pohang Steelworks
    (Crude Steel Production)

POSCO Group Global Presence


No. of Countries of Operation


No. of Overseas Subsidiaries and offices


No. of Global Employees

Steelworks Overview

  • pohang pohang
    9,500,000m2 Size of Pohang Steelworks
    16.84 Mil. tons 2019 Crude Steel Production
  • gwangyang gwangyang
    19,270,000m2 Size of Gwangyang Steelworks
    21.17 Mil. tons 2019 Crude Steel Production

Steel Production

1,000,000,000 tons

1973 (Establishment) ~ 2019.10

Corporate Citizenship

Total Social Commitment of Employees

450,471 hours

Employee Participation Rate of POSCO 1% Foundation

POSCO Global Youth Volunteer Corps ‘BEYOND’

1,300 Beyonders ('07~'19)

Support Fund For Venture Valley Establishment

1 Trillion KRW

Sustainable Management

Through Life Cycle Assessment
With Circular Economy at its core

  • Circular Economy

    A sustainable industrial system where waste does not exist, from raw materials extraction to disposal

  • Life Cycle Assessment

    Assesses environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product’s life

  • 1.07 Trillion KRW

    Investment of 1.07 trillion KRW towards sustainability including Selective Catalytic Reduction (2019 ~ 2021)

    Environmental investment reaches 460 billion KRW - 27% of company’s total investment (as of 2019)

  • 98.3%

    By-products (ex. Slag) produced during steelmaking is 98.3% recycled

    Out of 24,566 thousand tons, 24,156 thousand tons recycled (as of 2019)

  • 80%

    POSCO self-produces 80% of its energy consumption via by-product gas, energy recovery, and LNG power generating facilities 

  • 1/3

    Annual water consumption at POSCO Steelworks: 142 million m3 One-third (50.9 million m3) consists of recycled wastewater